Giuseppe Gasperoni, known “one of the Zanni”, historical restaurateurs of Romagna, after a long apprenticeship has decided to take over the reins of his surname and put all that he has absorbed from the
muffled atmosphere of his home kitchen, to good use into the kitchen of Osteria del Povero Diavolo.

He learnt to appreciate the magic of simple dishes from memory, in the domestic protection of the family restaurant, a wonderful curiosity encouraged by his parents from his early days.
Thus began his first seasons followed by more lasting experiences in which he was lucky enough to have as mentors, many well-known names in Romagna cuisine from Riccardo Agostini to Luigi Sartini, up to his Piedmontese experience with Enrico Crippa.

With a bit of ambition and recklessness, in 2018 he decided to take over Osteria del Povero Diavolo. In 2019 Gambero Rosso included him among the best 30 Under 30s, the fifteen chefs and the same number of
restaurant managers who best represented the qualities of young professionals in the sector. And in 2020 at just 30 years old and with a pandemic underway, the most precious legitimacy: a Michelin star, his important recognition arrived a mere two years after the beginning of this reckless adventure.

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We are a young team at Povero Diavolo, willing to work hard and demonstrate what we are capable of doing. Ambitious maybe, but in a simple and spontaneous way. A unique waitstaff who enjoys good food,
good wine and tasting new products.

We take care of our guests with passion and care, because like true Romagnoli, we know the pleasure of eating out and precious time dedicated to special moments.

When you arrive, we will be here to welcome you.

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